Wind Song

Wind Song is a strikingly beautiful gentleman's sailing yacht steeped in Chesapeake Eastern Shore tradition. She was the brainchild of Bill Kay, a Pennsylvania resident and Eastern Shore sailor. Her design is based on the Chesapeake Bay "bugeye" oyster dredging vessel with lines and construction plans drawn by Robb Ladd, then of Kaufmann & Ladd Yacht Design in Annapolis, MD.

 Wind Song was the first Robb Ladd design to be built. Bill arranged for her construction with Don Loweree at Crockett Boatyard in Oxford MD, with assistance from John and Woody Labat. She was launched in 1979 and sailed the Chesapeake with Bill for fifteen years, during which time she was faithfully maintained by Tommy Campbell. Wind Song then followed Bill when he moved west to Dana Point, California. She was the apple of his eye for the last 25 years of his life.

 When diagnosed with terminal cancer, Bill offered Wind Song for sale. She was acquired by the Darnton family with the promise that they would "take her for an adventure and then take her home". After being trucked to St. Petersburg, Florida, she sailed the Darnton's around to the Bahamas for a wonderful seven months of cruising the Islands . Then, in accord with their promise to Bill, the Darntons sailed her back into Town Creek, Oxford, Maryland on June 11, 2005, where she was welcomed by, among others, the Labat brothers and Tom Campbell, who now owns Campbell Boatyards of Oxford. Having gone full circle, Wind Song is now in Annapolis, near her birthplace, in search of a new owner with an appreciation of working sail and a love for the beauty of traditional sailing yachts.

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