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Weather at a Glance:

NWS Multiple Graphic & Text Zone Forecast
Index For All of North America

Oceanweather - 6 Hour Forecast of World Surface Pressure, Wind Direction, Sea State & Temp With Animation(New)

N. America 7 Day Surface Forecast Loop

Global Surface Wind & Precipitation Forecast Animations

US East Coast Discussions:

NWS Portland-Wx Discussion

NWS Boston-Wx Discussion

NWS New York City-Wx Discussion

NWS Philadelphia-Wx Discussion

NWS Washington-Wx Discussion

NWS Wakefield-Wx Discussion

NWS Newport-Wx Discussion

NWS Wilmington-Wx Discussion

NWS Charleston-Wx Discussion

NWS Jacksonville-Wx Discussion

NWS Melbourne-Wx Discussion

NWS Miami Fl-Wx Discussion

NWS Key West-Wx Discussion

NWS San Juan-Wx Discussion

US West Coast Discussions:

NWS Seattle-Wx Discussion

NWS Portland-Wx Discussion

NWS Medford-Wx Discussion

NWS Eureka-Wx Discussion

NWS San Francisco-Wx Discussion

NWS Los Angeles-Wx Discussion

NWS San Diego-Wx Discussion

Offshore Discussions:

NW N Atlantic Wx Discussion 30°N to 50°N & W of 50°W (For text only - remove ".shtml")

SW N Atlantic, Gulf & Bahamas Wx Discussion S of 31°N & W of 55°W (For text only - add "?text")

Tropical N Atlantic Wx Discussion Equator to 32 N (For text only - add "?text")

Caribbean Forecast Discussion

NE N Pacific Wx Discussion N of 30°N & E of 150°W (For text only - remove ".shtml")

Tropical N Pacific Wx Discussion Equator to 32 N & E of 140°W (For text only - add "?text")

Offshore Forecasts:

Atlantic - Gulf of Maine Wx Text

Atlantic - Georges Bank Wx Text

Atlantic - South of New England Wx Text

Atlantic - Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon Wx Text

Atlantic - Baltimore Canyon to Hattaras Wx Text

Atlantic - Hattaras to Cape Fear Wx Text

Atlantic - Cape Fear to 31N Wx Text

SW N Atlantic S of 31N Gulf, Caribbean & Bahamas Wx Text

Atlantic Tropical Waters Wx Text

Atlantic Waters E of Caribbean Regional Wx Text

Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands Regional Wx Text

East Caribbean E of 75W Regional Wx Text

NW Caribbean W of 75W Regional Wx Text

SW Caribbean W of 75W Regional Wx Text

Pacific - Cape Flattery to Cape Lookout Wx Text

Pacific - Cape Lookout to Point St. George Wx Text

Pacific - Point St George to Point Arena Wx Text

Pacific - Point Arena to Point Conception Wx Text

Pacific - Point Conception to Guadalupe Island Wx Text

SE N Pacific Tropical Waters Wx Text

Atlantic & Pacific Weatherfax:

Atlantic Weatherfax Surface Maps - Boston

Boston RadioFax Schedule

Tropical Weatherfax Surface Maps - New Orleans

New Orleans RadioFax Schedule

NE Pacific Weatherfax Surface Maps - Pt. Reyes, CA

Pt. Reyes RadioFax Schedule

Other Weather Sites:

Bermuda Surface Maps (New URL)

US National Data Buoy Center

US National Hurricane Center

Canadian Hurricane Centre

Unisys Satellite Loops (Use selection bars to vary data. Keep an eye on the date... you might have to refresh.)

NASA Global Satellite Index

NASA GOES East Satellite Platform

NASA East Coast Satellite Animation

Weather Underground (Marine)

Weather Underground (Islands)

Weather Underground (Bahamas)

Bahamas - Abaco Local Wx

North America Jet Stream Position

Weather & Tracking from Ships at Sea

Gulf Stream & Ocean Currents:

US Navy - Gulf Stream North Temps

US Navy - Gulf Stream South Temps

Ocean Surface Currents

NASA Sea Surface Temp Animations (See Aqua SST Composite & Ostia SST Gulf and Atlantic)

Weather Routing:

Herb Hilgenberg - Atlantic & Caribbean - South Bound II

Chris Parker - Caribbean Weather - Bel Ami

Don Anderson - Eastern Pacific Ocean - Summer Passage

Extended Weather Discussions:

HPC Short Term Extended Weather Discussion

CPC 30 Day Weather Discussion

CPC 90 Day Weather Discussion


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