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Atlantic Coast of North America



More details to come eventually...

Victoria, PEI. Jul 31/03 to Aug 10/03... This is our first primary "Sailing Home" destination.

Anse-à-Beaufils (Percé), Gaspé, Qué. Aug 11/03 to Aug 13/03

Cloridorme, Gaspé, Qué. Aug 14/03

Les Méchins, Gaspé, Qué. Aug 15/03 (rest stop)... Wait for gale force winds "in our teeth" to subside.

Matane, Gaspé, Qué. Aug 16/03 (rest stop)

Rimouski, Qué. Aug 16/03 & Aug 17/03

Cacouna, Qué. Aug 18/03 to Sep 4/03... This is our second primary "Sailing Home" destination.

Aug/03 to Dec/03...Victoria, PEI to Percé, Qué.; Percé to Cacouna, Que...Returning to PEI and then on to Halifax and Gloucester, Mass. Our present plan is to stop at Annapolis, Maryland before continuing on to the Bahamas for the winter. This will be slow going, as we will frequently be waiting for weather and making short runs and as the winter gale season sets in.


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