Bahamas Winter 2008 - GREEN TURTLE CAY & THE ABACOS
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At Green Turtle Cay... Early Dawn Over New Plymouth

Our Dock at the Green Turtle Club in White Sound

To Marsh Harbour for Christmas

Staying at Sid's Lofty Fig Villas

Lara visiting from Prince Edward Island... With Victoria & Serena

Larry Preparing Christmas Dinner

Dinner is Served. Victoria, Larry, Nicky, Lois & Sid... Also Mike & Lalum Visiting from British Columbia. (Lara taking the picture).

Christmas is Here!

Serena & Victoria Opening Presents

The Pool at Sid's

Serena Ready For Action

Curly Tail at the Pool

Conch Salad Stand Outside Sid's

Waiting for the Ferry to Guana Cay

Serena Chatting With The Locals on the Ferry

Welcome to Guana Cay

Nipper's, Here We Come!

On Our Way to Nipper's

Watch Out For That Nipper Juice!

Looking Out Over the Atlantic Ocean

Visiting the Beach at Treasure Cay

The Sea of Abaco

Lalum & Serena

Mike & Lalum Playing With Serena

Nicky & Larry Going for a Walk

Romance is in the Air

Serena Ready for Junkanoo at New Plymouth

We All Arive at New Plymouth

The Junkanoo Parade Begins...

Lots of Action...

Fantastic Costumes...

The Parade Continues...

Drums, Bells & Whistles Keep Up the Festive Beat...

Pure Enjoyment... A Beautiful Bahamian Smile!

Lara At The Green Turtle Club

Mike, Lara & Lalum visit Meriah

Evening Sky With Low Clouds From Approaching Squall

Serena Asleep In Her Chair After a Busy Day

Serena Ready for Breakfast

Caught in the Act!

Victoria & Serina in Victoria's Cabin Watching DVD's Together

Meriah Grounded Out for Repairs to the Sheathing at Her Waterline. Replacing the Lost Gumwood With Teak...

External Planking Broken Off...

Missing Gumwood...

Tide's Out... Ready to Start Work

Heading Out For a Jaunt to New Plymouth...

Serena On The Run...

Exploring As She Goes...

What Kind of Trouble Can I Get Into Now?

Here Comes Papa!

Ready for Heading Home to Meriah

Green Turtle's Ocean Beach

Victoria In Action




Larry Enjoying the Show

Victoria Diving With Brendal

Nicky & Serena Diving With Brendal

A Big Grouper Visits the Dive Boat Looking for Handouts

Victoria Feeding the Fish With Brendal

A Big Lobster for Lunch

Victoria Feeding a Stingray with Brendal

Petting the Stingray

A Beautiful Starfish

Victoria & Serena Playing by the Dive Boat

Brendal Prepares a Feast for Lunch

Lunch is Ready

Victoria Filling Her Plate With Lobster ...(to be continued)...